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SypherPK Is ‘Shocked’ Seeing the $1,000,000 Winner’s Gameplay of Fortnite X MrBeast Survival Challenge

The sensational Fortnite streamer SypherPK was among the millions who tried their luck and skill in the MrBeast x Fortnite Extreme Survival Challenge. The challenge was intense. Players were only given 4 days to practice for the challenge. We got to see many skillful players breaking the 100,000-point barrier during this event. And finally, when the big day came, one player ascended to the top. The winner of the extreme challenge was GUILD Anas. He is also a professional player.

After the challenge, SypherPK reacted to the million-dollar winner’s gameplay and was shocked at seeing the player’s style.

After achieving the maximum points in the Forninte x MrBeast Extreme challenge, GUILD Anas won a million dollars. SypherPK, who is a Fortnite pro himself, reacted to the million-dollar gameplay. Anas was flawless in this dream run. The player was quick to collect each and every coin he could lay his hands on in all the challenges. SypherPK was shocked to see the fast-paced movements Anas showcased in his million-dollar run.

Almost every other player in his pool was getting damaged one way or the other in the challenges. Anas was dodging every HP costing obstacle like his life depended on it. He got hit only once, and the lost 50 HP was regained by him within seconds by collecting an HP pick-up. The fast-paced movements that Anas showcased surprised Hassan Ali. The million-dollar winner was unstoppable in his run. According to SypherPK, luck and skill aligned perfectly for Anas during his attempt in the million-dollar tournament.

One could notice the humongous skill gap between each player in Anas’s pool. Where everyone was struggling, he was dominating. Even the YouTuber/streamer SypherPK appreciated every bit of Anas’s skill. SypherPK praised the skilled player and was comparing the differences in his own gameplay to Anas’s.

Guild Anas won the tournament with 142,099 points and he had almost 2,000 more points than the second position.

The community was filled with mixed emotions. Many congratulated the skillful player while some players were not very happy with it. Anas being a professional player was a talking point among players who expressed their displeasure about the result of the survival challenge.

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